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About us


Learn about the history of our company from its establishment to the present

2005 - 2009

“Magasépítő ’99” Construction, General Contracting and Services Limited was founded in January 2005, with a site in Siófok.  Over the years, we have consistently expanded our activities in line with customer demand and new opportunities, and our operations now encompass virtually the entire range of building services, from design through to construction and full implementation as general contractor. At the start of 2009, our company obtained ISO 9001 accreditation for its quality management system.

2010 - 2016

We placed considerable emphasis on structuring our internal operating procedures. To increase our efficiency, we implemented a series of coordinated development projects.  We acquired the materials supply company HZP Építőanyag-kereskedő Kft., which has helped us assure the timely and continuous supply of materials needed for our construction projects, while also allowing us to carry out work at more favourable prices for our customers. 
In 2011, our company obtained ISO 14001 accreditation for its environmental management system, and in 2012 we received certification for our occupational health and safety management system under Hungarian standard MSZ 28001:2008; since then, we have been running the company under an accredited Integrated Management System. 
Our company became an approved supplier for MOL Group.

2017 - 2022

We placed considerable emphasis on structuring our internal operating procedures and achieving energy-efficient operation. To this end, we implemented a major equipment-procurement drive and upgraded our site. 
We obtained internationally recognised VCA certification, which is essential for our hydrocarbon industrial assignments in terms of assuring occupational safety.

Guiding principles and unique strengths


A key objective of Magasépítő ’99 Kft. is that it should carry out its assignments in full compliance with the legal regulations, with the least possible impact on the environment and at the lowest possible risk to health, and that it should do so by the expected deadline and to the greatest satisfaction of its customers and owner. The owner supports the implementation of these principles with all the means at his disposal, including at the daily operational level.


We develop our employees through regular training, we monitor the latest technologies and technological processes, and we continuously integrate these into our building operations. Comments and ideas from our employees are treated as important input for improving our integrated management system.


We strive to achieve organisational excellence through the use of the latest company management software and techniques, and we aim to forge a reputation and achieve recognition based on the quality of the services we provide. By improving our machinery and equipment and enhancing the technical and financial performance of our operations, we aim to continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers. We are constantly adapting our activities and approach to the changing market and economic landscape.


The management of Magasépítő ’99 has determined the key occupational, privacy and ethical guidelines that all its employees must observe. Our aim is to ensure safe working conditions and the sound and lasting health of our partners and staff. We also expect a similar commitment to service quality, environmental protection and occupational safety from the partners we work with.


Our goal is to systematically improve processes that allow us to optimise the use of resources so that we can in turn reduce the burden on the environment, prevent its pollution and the occurrence of material and environmental damage, as well as achieve a continuous reduction in waste generation while improving our environmental performance.t.


The work we do is of a high standard and meets social and environmental requirements as well as the needs of our customers.
We develop our employees through regular training, we monitor the latest technologies and technological processes, and we continuously integrate these into our building operations. By developing our tools and raising the technical and financial performance of our operations, we aim to continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers.



Our company’s business policy has, to a large extent, been shaped by the status of the Balaton as a popular holiday destination and an area of economic importance. Much of our firm’s activities are concentrated in the Balaton catchment area, where we can leverage our local knowledge to the advantage of ourselves and our customers. At the same time, our company has played a major role in the implementation of works and projects across the entire territory of Hungary.

The company, whose activities are in line with the construction industry, has an income-generating capacity that is on a par with, and in fact exceeds, the national average for the sector.


Magasépítő ’99 Kft. is committed to fully meeting the quality requirements of its customers while complying with all relevant legal stipulations and standards.
Our main aim is to enable our company to fully understand and satisfy the expectations of our clients through an effectively functioning, continuously evolving integrated quality management system.


Domestic and international requirements related to environmental protection are becoming increasingly stringent, and meeting them already represents a major cost to most businesses.

Our company interacts responsibly with the natural environment in the course of its activity. It does as much to protect natural resources as it does human resources. As a result of these ongoing measures, its operations are safe, its reputation is assured and its competitiveness is strengthened.

Harnessing technical knowhow, applying innovation, and developing and stimulating the creativity of our staff are all essential to achieving these goals. These objectives are supported by our environmental management system, which is ISO 14001 accredited and has been in use at the company since the start of 2010.


Safe implementation of all building and construction work. This means the safety of our own employees as well as those of our subcontractors.

A safe and healthy working environment can only be assured through appropriate preventive and preparatory measures. Our colleagues working on our construction sites know that compliance with occupational safety regulations will not hinder production, but on the contrary, will serve their own interests, as these measures are designed to assure their personal safety and, in turn, the security of their families.

The occupational health and safety management system, which was introduced and certified according to MSZ 28001 in 2012 and then again in 2020 under ISO 45001, is the basis for assuring these objectives are implemented. For our work for the hydrocarbon industry, we apply the specialist VCA regulations.


Since its establishment, the business has grown continuously due to its ability to adapt flexibly to the market, and this is reflected in the growth of its sales revenue, as shown in the graph below.

Net sales of Magasépítő ’99 Kft. from 2005 to 2022, in HUF million


Over the years, Magasépítő ’99 Kft. has built up a ‘business line’ that assures the supply of products and raw materials required for and serving its core activity, and it has arranged this activity into separate entities. These entities are always wholly owned by our Company. The Company’s subsidiaries:

​- HZP Építőanyag-kereskedő Kft.

- AB – Siófok Kft.

Over the years, Magasépítő ’99 Kft. has purchased several properties of its own, which have become a central part of the company’s operations. These properties are used as the headquarters and sites (permanent establishments) of the company and its subsidiaries. The Company’s own properties have added stability to its operations, improved its profitability and, in certain cases, helped boost its liquidity by making it more creditworthy..