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Technological development

Procurement of new equipment supporting technological development

​Beneficiary’s name: “MAGASÉPÍTŐ ’99” Construction, General Contracting and Services Limited
Subject and purpose of the development: Procurement of new equipment supporting technological development
Grant amount under the contract: HUF 302,162,923
Project reference: GINOP PLUSZ-1.2.1-21-2021-04223
Planned project completion date: 30.09.2023


Implementation by “MAGASÉPÍTŐ ’99” Construction, General Contracting and Services Ltd of technology development tender. In the context of support for developments that help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises meet modern business and production challenges.

Eligible costs of the tender include costs related to construction, training and the following equipment:

  • Construction equipment: Our company will use the equipment to develop its main activity, construction. The new machines will help us increase our efficiency and provide a wider range of services.
  • IT equipment: The IT equipment will allow us to conduct the back-office work required for our operations.
  • Software acquisition: We will purchase HR management software and Archicad
  • Training: One of our employees will undergo conflict management training
  • Growth: Magasépítő ’99 Kft. was established in 2005. The company has grown continuously each year since. (Statistical employee headcount: 2005 – 4, 2013 – 26, 2019 – 49) As a result of this growth, in 2013 it purchased the two-floor office building that it currently uses as its headquarters.

A condition for the further growth of the company is that we can increase the number of office workers, as this will allow us to take on more construction work. The space needed for this is available thanks to the refurbishment of the first floor of our office building. This will allow us to create more jobs and take on eight more people. We will be able to increase the number of our technical designers and senior engineers.