• ÉTDR has received a facelift
    28 MARCH 18

    ÉTDR has received a facelift

    The pilot version of the new website of ÉTDR, the electronic documentation system supporting construction authority licensing procedures, has been launched. The new website went live at 10 a.m. on 6 April 2017, boasting a new, user friendly interface that meets the latest user requirements, announced Zsolt Füleky, Head of the Deputy Undersecretary’s Office for Architecture and Construction of the Prime Minister’s Office, on Thursday, at the national construction expo, Construma.

    “The purpose of the revamp was to make the work of architects, developers, clients and investors easier. After the new version goes live, administrative tasks will take less time and there will be no need to read the user manual, as help will be provided with the submission of the application through pop-up windows, static help texts and the status indication band at the bottom that is already known from electronic questionnaires”, said the deputy undersecretary. “As a result, everything that you need for submitting an application will be located in the same place, within the same system, in a simple, high quality visual framework”, explained Zsolt Füleky.

    Besides several other new features, the currently used style/type/job setting that serves for classifying the documents will be replaced by a labelling of the individual documents and, as a result, changes to a high number of documents, up to as many as 300, will be easier to monitor, and it will be easier to locate the specific documents that are needed at any given time.

    The system that will be launched in beta version will run parallel with the live system, so that users can try out the new platform. You can also find information about how to access the pilot version and how to provide feedback on the ÉTDR login page.  The newly incorporated functions and the simpler-to-use interface were launched on the basis of feedback from the system’s users, and so the opinion of users will be very important during the beta period as well.

    In use since 2013, ÉTDR is a platform for construction-authority licensing procedures. Anyone may need a construction, demolition, occupancy or other building-related permit, and so it makes sense to adapt the electronic system used for the licensing procedures to the needs of users. It’s for precisely this reason that the initial design of the platform was based on feedback received from users.